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Instafish is delivering frozen fish to American homes

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The story of Instafish is spreading in Iceland. Everybody is excited to finally see premium quality Icelandic fish being sold properly online in America.

Today, Friday 11th March, Morgunblaðið, the oldest running news paper in Iceland, covered the story in their exclusive seafood industry issue.

It's featuring an interview with Vignir Már Lýðsson, CEO of Instafish. 

He says:

"Instafish is a way for Icelandic seafood and fishing companies to sell their products directly to the consumer in the United States, instead of selling to big distributors."

"By using the internet as a means of sales, it's the first time that consumers in North America can access Icelandic seafood companies directly."

Vignir says that Instafish will guarantee 2-day-shipping to 48 states (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) with UPS but the distribution centre will be located in Portland, Main where the Icelandic shipping company Eimskip is located.

By cutting out the middleman, Instafish will be able to offer even lower prices than supermarkets can do but still maintain highest quality of the products.

Instafish seafood box

Icelandic cod and salmon with sea-salt.

The article

The full article is in Icelandic and can be seen below or by clicking the picture:

Instafish in the news